RAB Placement

Remote Access Bridge (RAB) Placement

Where you put the Remote Access Bridge (RAB) is very important to ensure great connectivity, clean schedules that save well, and control of your entire network.

Here are our guidelines:

1) The RAB needs to be about 10 feet of the router, but not closer than 5 feet.
2) The RAB needs to be within 10 to 30 feet of the closest bluetooth switch. The distance depends on how things are installed and the REAL connectivity of your system. We can’t guarantee or predict what that distance will be in your building
3) The RAB needs a very strong wi-fi connection at the location where it sits

If your RAB does not have a strong connection with BOTH the bluetooth switch AND the router, it will not set up. Or, it may set up, but then not have a stable connection to the cloud.

If you have trouble with set-up, please move the RAB around and try again. Info here.

If you are having trouble reaching certain devices, they are probably segmented. Info here.