Location.Avi-on.com is Live!

We're excited to announce the launch of Location.Avi-on.com

Location.Avi-on.com is a streamlined tool for managing locations. We’ve completely redefined the way you interact with your projects by introducing the concept of “Locations.”

Now, with a single email address, a personal account can manage multiple locations for all your projects, simplifying project management and enhancing security. This replaces the previous notion of an “Individual Account” for each project location.

Get Started Using Locations Today, Update Your Apps
Ensure you’re up to speed by downloading the latest updates for the Avi-on Mobile Commissioning App and Avi-on Pro, or make sure that you’ve enabled auto-updates. We’ve made updates to both apps to provide an improved experience with locations.

Start Using Locations If You’re New To Avi-on
To kickstart your journey with Avi-on’s new approach, use the Mobile Commissioning App (available on iOS and Android) or Avi-on Pro. Register with a valid email address to create your personal Avi-on Account. You’ll receive an email to validate your account and set up a password. Once your Avi-on user account is set, you can log in to access existing locations or create new ones.

To Create Locations, Follow Our Downloadable Instructions
Step-by-step instructions are provided with our downloadable instruction cards. These will walk you through logging in to location.avi-on.com and creating locations for your projects.