Avi-on Pro:
Create Locations


  1. Install Avi-on Pro and open it. Click the Register option.
  1. Click the Register option below the logo, and complete the form with your information and click the Registerbutton.
  1. A verification email will be sent to the email address entered in the registering form. Click the verification link in the email body to validate your account.
  1. Go back to Avi-on Pro and you will be ready to create your first Location. Press the Create New Locationbutton.
  1. Enter the location name and address. In order to be accepted the address needs to be selected from the suggested list. Then press Create Location, and confirm the address.
  1. Once created, the location will appear in the Locations list. Click on it to see the location details.
  1. Click the Set As Active button to start claiming devices to the location.

The Avi-on platform operates by allowing users to associate their devices into specific locations to be configured. To become an Avi-on user, follow these steps:

  1. Create a commercial account using either the Mobile Commissioning app or the Mac tool called Avi-on Pro.

  2. After creating an account, you’ll need to establish a connection with a location. You can do this by either:
    • Creating a new location using any of the Avi-on apps.
    • Requesting access to an existing location from the location’s manager.

  3. Claiming your devices into a single location, creates an Avi-on network. This network enables you to commission your devices with the most advanced settings and the highest level of security available in the lighting industry.


  • Avi-on User Account: is an individualized profile for each Avi-on user. An account is identified by a unique username, which consists of a real personal email address and a user-defined password. The some previous “Accounts” are now called “Locations,” which which are physical locations associated with individual accounts. These locations are searchable in the system, rather than an email login and one user can have access to multiple locations. 

  • Avi-on Location: refers to the physical space that contains one Avi-on network. It’s possible to have more than one network in a space, but they will be listed as separate Locations in the Avi-on system.