What is a transition?

Transitions create a smooth migration during a scene from one set of color and intensity settings to another over a given period of time. Adding transitions creates a more customized and intelligent Avi-on experience. You may set your scene to transition from one already programmed scene to another, from the previous status of your selected devices to the current scene, or from the off state to the current scene you are programming.

When would you use a transition?

  • Setting up a morning wake-up scene to slowly transition from the off state to the desired end scene.
  • Setting up a late night scene to slowly transition to have all your bedroom lights turn off before bedtime.
  • Use transitions to slowly migrate from one scene to another throughout the day to save energy or boost your mood.
PRO TIP: Transitions and scenes are advanced Avi-on features, and are therefore available to commercial and residential customers. Learn more from the instructional video:

Follow the instructions below to set a scene transition:

First, navigate to the “Scene Settings” page of the scene that you are wishing to add a transition to. Tap the transitions icon (3 vertical lines) at the bottom of the screen.

Use the toggle switch to enable or disable the transition. Simple tap the toggle to change its state. Make sure the transition is enabled during set up.
Set the transition time from one state to the current scene by scrolling to select the desired time. Far left = hours, middle = minutes and far right = seconds.
Now, select the starting state of the devices included in the current scene. This will dictate where the current scene will transition from. You may choose to transition to the current scene with the starting point of the scene’s devices being off, at the most recent status or from an already programmed scene.
Finally, press Save in the top right corner of the screen.
Remember, you may enable or disable the transition by simply toggling the transition button.

These videos on Schedules and Scenes may be helpful.