Hotel Chicago

Chicago, IL

Ambiance and Signage by Avi-on

When lighting designers were looking for a way to have the backlight of the Chicago skyline mural in the Hotel Chicago lobby mimic day and night along the Chicago skyline, they came to Avi-on for lighting controls. Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls enable the skyline to change between daytime and nighttime scenes, automatically adjusting for the seasons. During the day, the mural is backlit with cool LED lighting giving the feel of daylight and at night by warm LEDs for the warm glow of the city lights.
Avi-on brings the tranquility of the Chicago skyline indoors, day and night, at Hotel Chicago. Using Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls the Hotel Chicago lounge mural brightens the mood, whatever the time of day.
The Hotel Chicago lighting display for the Chicago skyline mural is created from LED tape lights arrayed in six groups of cool color strips and six groups of warm color strips. Cool and warm lights are arrayed beside each other, but powered by separate LED drivers. Avi-on lighting controls group the lights into cool and warm groups and provide scene settings enabling the lighting designer to set a repeatable intensity for each group. Because the display is in the lobby of the hotel, mural lighting is always on. During the day the cool LEDs simulate a daylight skyline, and at night the warm LEDs express the warm glow of city lights, dimmed from full brightness for aesthetic effect. The transitions between day and night occur automatically using the Avi-on schedule function. Dusk-to-dawn and dawn-to-dusk schedules are created with one touch in the Avi-on App that controls the lighting display, programming the lighting controls with sunrise and sunset times at the installation location for a full year. Often the best lighting controls are the ones that just run by themselves – Avi-on Bluetooth Lighting Controls.

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Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls are integrated into dozens of commercially available lighting fixtures, wall controls and sensors from over a dozen industry-leading companies serving commercial, industrial, residential and outdoor lighting markets. Avi-on and our partners have moved beyond switching and dimming to device and energy monitoring, tunable white, daylight harvesting, HSL color control, voice control, scenes, cloud access, and more to achieve a new level of affordable comfort, safety, and productivity.

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