PIR Sensor


Product Overview

The Avi-on wired PIR sensor provides cost-effective basic PIR coverage for standard motion-sensing ceiling-mount applications. This is an analog sensor used in conjunction with the analog sensor input of the AVI-XFAC-16A-1CH-CL1 or AVI-SIM-12-24VDC.

The Avi-on PIR Ceiling Mount Sensor is powered by and sends its signal to the XFAC (AVI-XFAC-16A-1CH-CL1) or Avi-on Sensor Input Module (AVI-SIM-12-24VDC) with a power supply (AVI-PSR20-277-24-150). The sensor is factory preset to allow for quick installation right out of the box in most applications. Lighting configuration should be done through the Avi-on App. Manual adjustments can be made physically on the sensor’s face.


PIR Sensitivity
Covers typical office/open office applications with small motion coverage up to 15ft and large motion up to 25ft.

Power and Connection
The ICM 24 can be powered by the 24VDC Aux port of the AVI-XFAC-16A-1CH-CL1. Up to four (4) ICM may be powered from one XFAC. When used with the AVI-SIM-12-24VDC, a separate 24DC power supply must be used such as the AVI-PSR20-277-24-150.

Sensor Settings
All timing and dim levels for the sensor are set and remotely configurable using the connected XFAC or IFAC. It is not recommended that any dip switch settings be changed from their factory defaults

There is a 40-second warm-up period when power is first applied to the sensor. Before making adjustments, make sure office furniture is installed, lighting circuits are turned on, and HVAC systems are turned on. VAV (variable air volume) systems should be set to their highest airflow.


Select a part number from the table listed below
Part NumberNameDescription
AVI-SEN-ICM-24PIR Ceiling Mount SensorPIR Non-Bluetooth Ceiling Mount Sensor

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