Parking Area

Worcestor, MA

Controls that solve the unique challenges of interior/exterior parking areas

Conventures, the property manager for Mercantile Center, chose Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls to alleviate challenges with an antiquated lighting controls systemin this six level, 1600 parking space garage. Serving a premier mixed-use retail and office complex, adjacent to a large convention center, patrons utilize this garage at all hours. 

  • Avi-on’s sensors were easy to install and configure. The old lighting system was outdated. When cars drove past a fixture, the sensor activated, lighting the area behind the car, while leaving many areas entirely dark, causing patron security concerns. Avi-on’s system remedied these issues with easy-to-control overlapping combinations of fixtures, allowing necessary lights to turn on when cars pull into a specific floor or aisleway of the garage. Bi-level dimming leaves lights on low during business hours and off during the night.
  • Avi-on’s mobile app provides easy, remote management. With a large, adjacent convention center hosting functions at all hours, the parking area management is thrilled that the iOS and Android mobile apps allow them to change lighting schedules and settings remotely. 
  • Avi-on Controls increase ROI and maximize utility rebates. The project utilized high end trim and robust scheduling features to maximize energy savings and rebates. Avi-on Advanced Controls also feature energy and IOT data monitoring capabilities, which is required by some utility providers to secure top-tier rebates. 

“The fact that you do not need a gateway and can easily set sensors to trigger independent lighting areas has made the parking area, and the whole center, a more appealing place for its customers. Additionally, we are generating the energy savings we had hoped for. Avi-on has a perfect solution for parking garages.”

Dusty Rhodes, President,

Convenient, large scale lighting controls for any project

Avi-on controls are gateway free. Consistent network connectivity is often problematic for parking areas. Because no internet connection is required with Avi-on’s system, it is easy to scale for any size or type of facility including offices, warehouses, factories, distribution centers, parking areas, and other commercial applications.  

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