Phase Dimmer Kit

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Product Overview

Control forward or reverse-phase dimmable light fixtures using the KIT AVI-PHASEDIM-120V-300W. The kit includes an Avi-on LVFA network node with 0-10V output, a 0-10V input 120V phase dimmer, and an AC power supply for the LVFA. Easily installed in a single 2×4 or 4×4 box. Consult maximum load ratings for sizing fixtures per dimmer. Note that LED loads are only recommended (and warranted) up to 300W, but depending on the specific fixture, it may be possible to add more.


  1. Verify that the connected load does not exceed the device ratings.

  2. Verify the dimming type of the connected fixtures and set the Forward/Reverse Phase DIP switches to match the fixture type being controlled. Do not mix different fixture types on the same dimmer. IMPORTANT: Leave the Current Source 0-10V DIP switch set to OFF.

  3. Install the LVFA Power Supply and Phase Dimmer in a 4×4 or equivalent electrical box following local electrical code requirements. Connect the AC, DC power, and 0-10V Dimming wires as shown in the wiring diagram below. Cap off the Purple/White wire.

  4. When configuring the LVFA in the Avi-on network, Low End Trim must be set to 25% to avoid potential fixture flicker and to ensure expected operation of wall stations, daylight harvesting, and sensors.

  5. The unit contains a thermal protection cutoff. If the unit is overloaded, it will shut off and restart when it cools down. It is not rated for continuous overloading, however. Overloading can easily lead to premature failures and is not covered by warranty.

Phase Dimmer Kit

Select a part number from the table listed below
Part NumberSupply VoltageChannelsMax Load
KIT AVI-PHASEDIM-120V-300W120 VACSingle600w Incandescent/ 300W LED/Other

To order please contact Avi-on sales at (877) AVION-US or
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