Healthcare Lighting

Hospital Reduces Energy Consumption and Receives Huge Rebate
Boston, MA
Healthcare Lighting

Energy Savings

Rebates of $300,000 for 1,200 fixtures

Harrington Healthcare Systems incorporated Avi-on® Bluetooth® Lighting Controls as part of their $3 million investment in capital projects and new technology for their Boston, Massachusetts facility. The investment in new technology was driven by the goal to continuously improve their services and stay at the cutting edge of development and technology.

The hospital has been able save over 800,000 KwH each year with the help of Avi-on wireless controls and a lighting retrofit. Avi-on’s networked wireless lighting controls solution was installed throughout the 8,500 sq. ft. facility and helped the hospital qualify for over $250,000 in utility incentives.

  • Sensors integrated on every LED fixture replaced outdated lighting. Avi-on’s on-fixture controllers and sensors were integrated into each energy-efficient LED fixture, replacing outdated T8 fixtures and complicated old controls. The combination of networked controls PLUS energy efficiency LEDs helped the hospital qualify for over $250,000 of National Grid Utility Incentives.
  • Having no gateway greatly simplified the installation and made the system more secure. Avi-on’s gateway-free design does not require any IT network infrastructure (such as extra routers and Cat5 cabling) to be installed. Avi-on’s individual controllers, sensors, and wall stations the controls programming are on the devices themselves, instead of a gateway, resulting in NO single point of failure. Eliminating any gateway requirement not only simplifies any project but makes the system more secure.
Avi-on Bluetooth Lighting Controls is a wireless, gateway-free solution that skips the extra routers and Cat5 cabling that other systems require. Installation is quick and easy, while saving time and money for our retrofit projects.
– Eric Hanian, Energy Management Consultants

Lighting Solutions

Energy savings features are inherent in all Avi-on Control products. For customers interested in securing top-tier utility rebates, Avi-on offers advanced lighting controls such as in-fixture lights or zonal control, daylight harvesting, high-end trim, and energy and IoT data monitoring.

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