Plexus Corporation

200,000 Square Foot Manufacturing Facility & Warehouse in Appleton, WI



Plexus® Corp. selected Contemporary Energy Solutions (CES) and Avi-on® Bluetooth® Lighting Controls for its 200,000 square foot manufacturing and facility warehouse in Appleton, Wisconsin.


  • Sensors integrated on every LED fixture replaced outdated lighting. CES integrated Avi-on’s controls directly into the energy-efficient LED fixtures, replacing outdated high bays, and complicated old controls.
  • Avi-on’s networked Bluetooth® controls are flexible and easy to change. By selecting Avi-on’s occupancy sensing and advanced scheduling capabilities throughout the facility, the Center is enjoying improved worker safety plus the ability to change the lighting to match warehouse floor plan layouts.
  • Avi-on controls plus CES LEDs deliver a 2.5-year payback. The combination of networked controls PLUS energy efficiency LEDs maximized the ComEd utility rebates (25% of the total project cost) saving client over $67,000 per year.

“With Avi-on’s sensor-per-fixture design, we can easily update lighting groups to match changing floor plans and shifts. The Center never again has to worry about re-wiring for controls”

– CES Project Manager 

Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Energy savings features are inherent in all Avi-on Control products. For customers interested in securing top-tier utility rebates, Avi-on offers advanced lighting controls such as in-fixture lights or zonal control, daylight harvesting, high-end trim, and energy and IoT data monitoring.

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