Athletico Sports Center

Northbrook, IL

Large Scale
Recreation Retrofit

Control over 70,000 square feet of lighting from your phone or iPad

This recreation and physical therapy facility wanted to install low glare fixtures to improve patron performance and comfort on the sports turf, while incorporating lighting controls that make it easy to adjust and manage lights as usage changes throughout the day.

Vision Engineering installed VHB3 High Bays, integrated with Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls, to provide an easy-to-manage, low-glare solution that meets DLC V5 requirements for visual comfort.


  •  Easy integration with OEM fixtures
  • No central hub or gateway
  • Dimming and scheduling on every fixture
  • Robust control features in handy iOS or Android app
We have one of the most advanced lighting systems that you can find in any athletic facility. The Avi-on app allows our lighting to be controlled in the palm of my hand. It is extremely easy and efficient.
– Andrew Braverman, General Manager

Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy to Change

Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls can be easily integrated into any light fixture, and are available pre-installed from a large number of leading fixture companies. With a full complement of sensors, wall stations, and cloud API integration capability, Avi-on is an enterprise grade lighting and IOT solution ready for projects large and small, simple and complex.

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