Avi-on UV-C Safety Solutions

Avi-on Controls for UVC Lighting
Avi-on Controls with LumenFocus UVFocus UV-C Fixture

UV-C light is a cost effective solution destroying harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces. Because of powerful UV-C light rays, people and pets should not be present when operating UV-C sanitizing lights. 

“ We are pleased that we were able to easily and quickly adapt our platform to support safety and control measures for UV-C lighting.  With Airports and NFL team locker room installations already in place, we are making a difference in allowing people to share spaces safely.”

– Eric Miller, CEO Avi-on Labs, Inc.

The Avi-on Network is a Weapon Against Germs

Remotely Control UV-C

Avi-on provides the safe ability to remotely control UV-C lighting from your iOS or Android device, AND it provides sensors that will immediately turn off UV-C fixtures when motion is detected in the area. This Lighting Control solution platform enables remote control of UV-C lights in an office, warehouse or school…all from the comfort of your couch on your IOS or Android device.
Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls

Two Sanitizing Control Options with Avi-on

Individual Fixture Level

Individual fixture level — controls are used when there is a secondary node that connects to the UV-C and normal light fixtures: two sets of LED’s sanitizing lights and two nodes. The ease of installation is that they can be factory preprovisioned so fixtures arrive with devices installed and ready for installation upon arrival. This keeps Avi-on controls separate so we have individual control for JUST the sanitizing fixture.

Circuit Driven Node for XPP

Circuit driven node for XPP — is used if you are adding a UV-C sanitizing light fixture in a space that already has lighting. The simple application to add those devices at circuit level to control power to those devices which can be fed into the rest of the avi-on system to ensure safety.

Touchless Setup & Commissioning

Avi-on UVC Controls

Touchless Setup

We can preconfigure fixtures based on a site map and prep and prepare so devices are commissioned and ready for install upon arrival to limit exposure and customer can easily make changes via the app to configure everything in real time. Easy install and minimizing time onsite.

Touchless Commissioning

After installation, we can remotely group, schedule or program controls to the customer’s needs with the addition of the Remote Access Bridge. There is no additional fee for remote access which gives customers visibility of their facility from anywhere in the world.

What are Avi-on Lighting Controls?

Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls
Our patented wireless Bluetooth® with Mesh network platform operates with NO GATEWAY, is easy to configure using a mobile app and is cost-effective
Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls

Ideal for practically any applications, small to large, indoor and outdoor, scaling from one room to an entire site

Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls
Enterprise-Grade security deployed in highly secured military sites approved by the Department of Defense
Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls

One Platform...Endless Possibilities



Intuitive App & Easy Configuration


Easy to Use Mobile App

Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls


Remote Device Management & Energy Monitoring 


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