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Watters Creek Mall consulted with Advanced Energy Innovations and E-volve Energy who recommended Linmore LED fixtures and Avi-on Controls to retrofit several covered and open parking areas of this 52-acre mall near Dallas, TX. The property management team had specific requirements for their lighting controls system that included easy installation, remote management, automated scheduled operation, and energy savings. Because the areas were upgraded in sections far from buildings and far from each other, a non-gateway system was critical to project success.


  • Avi-on Controls are easy to install with no network infrastructure
  • Avi-on Controls are gateway-free and perfect for outdoor use
  • Avi-on Controls can be managed remotely
Avi-on was able to cover the entire mall with no issues, despite upgrading only selected fixture areas. The system works so well that we are now extending Avi-on controls to the rest of the mall.
– Richard Parker, E-Volve Energy

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Energy savings features are inherent in all Avi-on Controls products. For customers in states that offer top-tier utility rebates, Avi-on offers advanced controls such as on-fixture or zonal control, daylight harvesting, high-end trim, and energy and IOT data monitoring.

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