Manufacturing Plant

Grand Rapids, MI

Large Scale
Wireless Control

Control over 400,000 square feet of lighting from your phone or tablet
This Michigan Manufacturer selected True North Energy Services to install Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls in its 400,000 square foot manufacturing plant providing metal stamped components for the automotive industry. True North recommended Avi-on for several reasons.
  • Avi-on Lighting Controls are flexible and easy to change. Because the floor layout is constantly re-configured to meet new orders, the location of motion sensors and fixture zones quickly becomes inaccurate, making it harder for technicians to see their work, reducing safety, and wasting energy. When floor plans change, the Avi-on mobile app allows the end user to make easy updates to fixture zones and sensors to match current operations.

  • Avi-on advanced controls delivered less than a two-year payback and maximized utility rebates. Like many states, Michigan utilities offer attractive rebates on advanced (networked) controls, and rebates are based on measured versus projected energy savings. Using the energy monitoring feature of Avi-on’s IOT platform and easy to use programming to optimize energy use in each area, the facility received a 30% larger rebate than originally estimated.
Avi-on controls helped us quickly and easily deploy a state-of-the-art solution for the customer at a great price. We have many more projects underway using Avi-on controls.
– Mike Rose, Co-founder True North Energy Solutions

Convenient, Large Scale

Lighting controls for any project
Avi-on delivers a robust selection of features with no gateways. Choose from on-fixture or zoned controls that measure real time energy usage, high-end trim to manage light output, motion sensors with bi-level dimming for multiple zones, easy to use schedules on every fixture with no gateways, and multi-button wall stations. 

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