Manufacturing Plant

Spring Lake, MI

Large Scale

Retrofit controls solution with energy monitoring
This Michigan Machine Parts Manufacturing Plant selected Green Energy Group to install Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls in their massive lighting retrofit. The company needed a lighting and controls upgrade that would handle ever changing production line needs and work hours, while providing energy monitoring to maximize rebates.
  • Avi-on Lighting Controls made the facility easy to manage. Avi-on controls were installed in lighting fixtures throughout their manufacturing, warehouse, and office space, allowing them to easily manage lights in each of these areas separately, while optimizing energy use during the day and at night.

  • Avi-on Controls are gateway-free and perfect for retrofits. The wireless, gateway-free system was easy to install and configure with no impact on the facility operations or IT. The contractor was able to install Avi-on Controls without running control wires or re-wiring circuits.

  • Avi-on Advanced Controls provided energy monitoring and qualified for maximum rebates. A key requirement of the Michigan rebate program is measuring actual energy savings after the install. Using real measured energy from every fixture, vs. an estimate, this customer received a significantly larger rebate than originally estimated.
Avi-on Controls are gateway-free and provide measured energy monitoring. These are key reasons that we integrate their products into our lighting retrofits.
– Mike Toth, CEO Green Energy Group

Convenient, Large Scale

Lighting controls for any project
Energy savings features are inherent in all Avi-on Controls products. For customers in states that offer top-tier utility rebates, Avi-on offers advanced controls such as on-fixture or zonal control, daylight harvesting, high-end trim, and energy and IOT data monitoring.

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