Metal Fabrication Plant

Fulton, IL

lighting controls

Controls that solve a myriad of workplace lighting challenges
This Illinois Metal Fabrication Plant selected Foreverlamp and Avi-on Bluetooth ® Lighting Controls to help mitigate safety challenges and maximize energy efficiency. The process of fabricating metal for ducting and rail cars poses unique challenges, including limited sight lines, and working in areas on unpredictable schedules, requiring a flexible, adaptable lighting management solution. 
  • Avi-on Lighting Controls are easy to install and set-up. Avi-on Controls were pre-integrated with the fixtures before arriving on-site, allowing the commissioning team to remotely configure and customize system settings using the Avi-on Remote Access Bridge.

  • Avi-on’s wireless Bluetooth® technology solves “line-of-site” issues. This site has hundreds of arc welders running simultaneously as well as moving cranes. The high levels of radio interference could create communications challenges for many control systems, but not Avi-on. The network performs perfectly, even in this demanding radio-frequency (RF) noise environment.

  • Avi-on’s installation used a combination of motion sensors, scheduling, and wall stations. The customer also uses the iOS and Android mobile apps to adjust lighting levels quickly and easily with changing work conditions.
We love what the new lights are doing for the worker safety and management of our client’s facility. Because they can easily control the lights, our client is saving even more energy than we expected.
– Peter Shen, CEO Foreverlamp

Convenient, Large Scale

Lighting controls for any project
Energy savings features are inherent in all Avi-on Controls products. For customers in states that offer top-tier utility rebates, Avi-on offers advanced controls such as on-fixture or zonal control, daylight harvesting, high-end trim, and energy and IOT data monitoring.

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