Park City MARC

Allen, TX

Energy Efficiency in Recreation

The 150,000 SF Park City MARC offers recreation for the entire community including eleven tennis courts, a basketball gymnasium, indoor track, cardio equipment and fitness studios. Despite retrofitting all lighting with non dimmable LED tubes only 2 years ago, Avi-on identified a cost effective retrofit of the control system.
Avi-on partnered with the Park City MARC to install networked lighting controls and motion sensors to deliver energy savings and help achieve Park City’s Net Zero energy consumption goals.

MARC with Avi-on Lighting Controls

  • Applying controls to individual circuits, combined with Avi-on’s Bluetooth mesh capability allowed re zoning the facility across panels hundreds of feet apart so that they now can be controlled in logical zones that match end user needs and energy efficiency goals, all with no re wiring in an existing building.

  • Individual tennis courts and the basketball gym lights are controlled by motion sensors so the lights are only functioning when the facility is actually being used.

  • Formerly manual switches (such as the basketball court and certain hallways) are now an integrated part of the building lighting controls allowing true “whole building” management from any location.

  • The staff no longer must manually unplug and reconfigure lights for special events like the Sundance Film Festival.

  • The Avi-on App for mobile devices, and Web App for online use, provides real-time status of all lighting controls.

  • All Avi-on lighting controls are available via the Avi-on App on authorized user mobile phones. Movable switches provide manual control of individual and groups of lights as configured in the app at entry stations and remote offices.

Environmental Benefit

Phase 1 of the Avi-on Pro Bluetooth Lighting Controls installation at the MARC is expected to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 148,207 lbs. As one of the largest municipal facilities in Park City, reducing energy use at the MARC is a key component of reaching the City’s ambitious goals to be net-zero carbon and running on 100% renewable electricity by 2022.

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