Avi-on|The Leader in Bluetooth® Wireless Lighting Controls

What are Avi-on Lighting Controls?

Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls
Our patented wireless Bluetooth® with Mesh network platform operates with NO GATEWAY, is easy to configure using a mobile app and is cost-effective
Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls

Ideal for practically any applications, small to large, indoor and outdoor, scaling from one room to an entire site

Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls
Enterprise-Grade security deployed in highly secured military sites approved by the Department of Defense
Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls

Why choose Avi-on Lighting Controls?

Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls
  • Avi-on co-invented Bluetooth® with Mesh 6 years ago
  • Patented technology for no gateway distributed mesh network
  • One of the largest software engineering teams in the industry
  • Proven technology with over 300,000 devices sold
  • Complete product ecosystem
  • Comply with building energy codes and DLC 5.0
  • Cost effective, simple, scalable and secure platform

One Platform...Endless Possibilities



“The fact that you do not need a gateway and can easily set sensors to trigger independent lighting areas has made our parking area and shopping center, a more appealing place for customers.”

– Dusty Rhodes, President, Conventures

Intuitive App & Easy Configuration


Easy to Use Mobile App

Avi-on Wireless Lighting Controls


Remote Device Management & Energy Monitoring 


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