Energy Monitoring

Avi-on’s energy monitoring service provides complete data collection every 15 minutes on every device (see compatible hardware below), as well as a complete record of device dimming status and motion sensor triggers. The data is available in real time through the Avi-on energy management portal. The data can be viewed in the portal, or exported in a variety of formats including .CSV, XLS and PDF. The data is also available in real time via the Avi-on Web Services API.

The service provides a variety of critical insights into ongoing fixture performance, facility utilization, as well as qualifying for DLC 5.0 requirements and specific utility programs that require measured energy data.

Once installed, the Time Manager will continuously ensure that all of your network devices are precisely synced to the exact current time whenever they are powered on or online. Say goodbye to the annoyance of manual time adjustments and let Avi-on’s Network Time Manager streamline your network’s timekeeping process. 

Hardware Requirements

The energy monitoring service is paired with the Avi-on fixture and circuit control hardware capable of measuring energy. Currently, both the Internal Relay Adaptor (PN) and the External Power Pack (PN) include energy measurement capability.

In addition to the fixture adaptor with measuring capability, a remote access bridge (PN) is required to connect the local network to the Avi-on cloud service.

Once connected, and Avi-on enables the account to collect energy data, the data will automatically flow to the cloud. No other parameters or user setup are required.

Subscription Details

Energy monitoring is available through a subscription to the Avi-on Energy Monitoring service. This service is enabled by your Avi-on commissioning team and requires no other configuration than to use Avi-on or Avi-on certified energy monitoring capable fixture controllers. Avi-on supports annual subscriptions and prepaid five-year subscriptions for the energy monitoring service.

All 15-minute energy data is stored on the Avi-on servers for the duration of the subscription. Data is not deleted upon expiration of the subscription. Users are given the opportunity to archive their data if they choose not to extend their subscription.

Once enabled, simply log in to the Energy Management Dashboard at using your regular Avi-on username and password. There, you can select your location and analyze energy consumption and download reports.

Energy Monitoring

Example of consumption accuracy
Unit50 mA LOADNo Load
PL7211 Return Value6.516 W0.4687 W
Power-Meter Value6.536 W0.468 W
Accuracy0Almost 0%

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The Avi-on family of products consists of load controllers, sensors, wall stations and connectivity products that work together in one big happy family.  Load controllers manage dimming, schedules, scenes, groups/zones and more while the sensors are able to detect motion with all new state-of-the-art features. These products work seamlessly with the Av-ion cloud to provide a robust wireless ecosystem.