Control At Your Fingertips With The Avi-on Scene Controller

Multi-button control and convenience with the In-Wall Scene Controller

Scene Controller

In-Wall Scene Controller

The Avi-on Scene Controller provides 4 scene buttons, 2 trim buttons to manually adjust the dimming, and a manual on/off button. Scene Controllers communicate to Powered by Avi-on™ devices causing them to switch, dim and select scenes. Scene name buttons are interchangeable, with typical labels available. Custom buttons are also available for large quantity orders. Contact Avi-on for more information.

Product Specifications:

  • Item Number: 2401AC (AC version), 2401BAT (Battery version)
  • Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz. (AC version), 2 CR123A batteries (Battery version)
  • Maximum Loads for Incandescent: 600W, 2-gang: 500W, 3-gang: 400W
  • Maximum Loads for CFL/LED: 150W, 2-gang: 125W, 3-gang: 100W
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
  • Indoor use only