Holt School District Project Team Recognized With 2022 Integrated Lighting Campaign Recognition

Avi-on Labs has partnered with Espen Technology, a leading manufacturer of indoor LED retrofit lighting products, has been recognized by the US Department of Energy Integrated Lighting Campaign. The project retrofitted over 10,000 LED fixtures and 8,000 Bluetooth-controlled devices in 9 schools, in the Holt Public Schools District, outside Lansing, Michigan.

Other partners include Trane Technologies, Consumer Energy (electric utility providing a rebate), and the Electro-Matic Visuals Inc. (contractor / installer). The Holt High School had over 3,600 Avi-on Bluetooth devices installed, making it one of the largest single mesh networks in the world, without a gateway. The retrofit project was recognized by the Integrated Lighting Campaign for its advanced use of sensors and controls.

The lighting controls were fully commissioned remotely, while students were in classes, without any disruption. The controls were pre-configured and pre-installed inside of lighting fixtures, in order to drastically reduce on-site labor required. Energy monitoring allowed the project to qualify for top-tier utility rebates from Consumers Energy (electric utility).

The Integrated Lighting Campaign (ILC) is a recognition and guidance program of the US DOE, designed to help facility owners, operators and managers save energy and money in their facilities. The ILC serves as a resource for relevant research regarding new advanced lighting controls and integrated lighting systems, the capabilities they enable, and the benefits observed in both lab environments and in the field. The ILC is documenting the adoption of integrated lighting systems, advanced sensors in lighting, and recognizing exemplary projects.