The Avi-on Contractor App is a field installation tool that enables qualified electricians or installers to use their mobile phone or tablet to create zones, and then record the location of individual fixtures in those zones simply by scanning a barcode on the fixture/control module.

Because many project sites do not have wi-fi while under construction, and often there are multiple electricians working simultaneously, The Avi-on Contractor App is designed to save a certain amount of data while the phone or tablet is offline. Periodically, everyone working on the job will need to sync their Contractor App with the cloud by either turning on their data plan or going to an active wi-fi location. 

Once every electrician on the job has synched their Contractor App with the cloud, then the added zones and devices will become available to be commissioned or programmed using either the Avi-on Mobile App for small scale projects or the Avi-on Pro Commissioning App for mid- to large-scale projects. In general, Avi-on recommends becoming qualified on the Avi-on Pro App for projects over 300 nodes.


  • Enables contractor/installers to use their phone or tablet with no special tools or downloads required

  • Allows multiple users to work simultaneously, no matter the project size

  • Allows zones to be pre-configured and identified in advance

  • Scans fixture barcode using the phone camera to quickly identify, map, and place devices in zones

  • Delivers a complete list of locations of all devices

  • Helps eliminate device set-up and location errors

  • Expedites commissioning with pre-identified fixtures and zones (note that commissioning is done with either the Avi-on Mobile App or the Avi-on Pro App

  • When an Avi-on Remote Access Bridge is present on the jobsite, enables fast commissioning from a remote location


Become Quick Qualified on the Avi-on Contractor App by contacting to get started.