Avi-on Controls help reduce lighting power by over 90% resulting in a $110,000 rebate.

AVI-ON Controls awarded under Innovative, Maintenance, Operation, and Financing Service category

The State of Michigan’s General Service Building in Dimondale, MI is being recognized under the Innovative, Maintenance, Operation, and Financing Service Models category. The building serves as a secure warehouse for mail reception, IT deployment, printing services, and the state police. The project involved replacing 900 linear fluorescent lamps with 200 18-inch square luminaires. The new lighting system, along with the controls, reduces lighting power by over 90% when compared with the previous fluorescent setup, while also generating significant maintenance savings. The control system allows for mobile phone interfacing, offering features such as occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and energy monitoring. The implementation resulted in a $110,000 rebate from Consumers Energy. What is exemplary about this project is the use of the State’s revolving fund, which uses energy savings from existing energy upgrades to fund future energy efficiency projects.


 • Partnering ILC Supporter: Avi-on Labs