Avi-on is the first commercial lighting company to achieve UL’s IoT Diamond Security Rating

Avi-on is the first commercial lighting company to achieve UL's IoT Diamond Security Rating

UL, a global leader in safety science, announced today that Avi-on Labs, Inc. is the first commercial lighting company to be recognized for achieving UL’s IoT Diamond Security Rating. This Diamond-level IoT Security Rating, as assessed by UL, demonstrates that the Avi-on Pro Commercial Lighting Control Platform product line adheres to industry best practices and meets critical benchmarks for Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity.

Avi-on Labs specializes in wireless lighting controls, combining devices with enterprise-grade remote management and configuration accessible via any smartphone or tablet. The patented Avi-on lighting control platform enables devices to communicate directly with one another, eliminating the need for intermediate gateways, even within networks with large numbers of devices. Avi-on provides solutions for various applications, including warehouse, manufacturing, office, education, architectural, residential, landscape, and outdoor use.

In addition to attaining the Diamond level of the IoT Security Rating, Avi-on has also achieved UL’s Design Lights Consortium (DLC) 5.0 Qualified Products List (QPL) Cybersecurity Qualification. This achievement helps manufacturers demonstrate compliance with the forthcoming cybersecurity requirements for DLC and inclusion in the QPL as lighting control systems eligible for utility rebates.

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