Commissioning Large Projects Keeps Getting Easier with Avi-on Controls

The Avi-on Digital Toolbox enables both onsite or remote commissioning, or a combo of the two. Avi-on is pleased to announce that large projects just became easier: automated data transfer between the Avi-on Zoning (aka “Contractor”) App and the Pro Commissioning App. 

Scan QR codes on fixtures during installation to automatically map them to pre-defined zones. To keep the installation process moving, multiple electricians can use the Contractor Zoning App at the same time, and then all the data will be synced together once the electrician/installers sync with WiFi. 

Onsite fixture/zone transfer with one click. Fixtures mapped to zones in the Contractor Zoning App during installation can now be automatically transferred to the Pro Commissioning App with the touch of a button. The Pro Commissioning App will automatically apply all the groupings to the hundreds (or thousands) of fixtures at once. Then, the only thing left is to associate the sensors to the groups (which also can be done remotely), plus add the wall stations.  

Remote fixture/zone transfer with the Remote Access Bridge (RAB). When a RAB is installed onsite, once the contractor/installer has synchronized their Contractor Zoning Apps via WiFi, then the fixture/zone transfer and remaining commissioning may be done remotely.

Now you are in and out of multi-hundred fixture projects in hours instead of days.