More Projects, Faster: How Automated Commissioning Reduces Installation Time

Digital Toolbox

How Avi-on’s Digital Toolbox Makes Commissioning Fast and Efficient

Avi-on’s mission is to use software and Bluetooth® radios to make commissioning and system changes quick and easy.


      • Avi-on started automating installation by introducing commissioning using a mobile app with no gateway. Then, we added web tools that apply changes simultaneously to large groups of devices at one time.  
      • Next, Avi-on redesigned our controllers and sensors from the ground up to make them easier to install and to shorten commissioning time. 
      • Finally, Avi-on added a pre-ship set-up, where either Avi-on or a partner adds the devices to the customer account.
      • Avi-on MAB or Mobile Access Bridge, where every Avi-on Mobile App becomes a temporary Remote Access Bridge or RAB.

The cumulative result of these improvements is that Avi-on is now teaching partners how to remotely commission and troubleshoot multi-thousand node installations in a fraction of the time that other systems require.  

Why Pre-Setup and the Digital Toolbox Get You In and Out Faster

Avi-on’s advanced commissioning and installation tools reduce complex tasks to a few clicks on a mobile device or Avi-on Pro laptop application. The Avi-on Contractor App and the Avi-on Pro Commissioning App greatly speed up mid- to large-sized projects. And the Avi-on Mobile App is still the best tool for end-to-end commissioning of small projects. 

The Avi-on Digital Toolbox expedites projects through pre-ship set-up, remote commissioning, and remote diagnostics. 

  • Pre-Ship Setup. Pre-Ship Setup at the warehouse speeds up the onsite electrician in two ways. First, it enables the electrician to skip adding devices to the account and to start assigning devices to zones using the Avi-on Contractor App. And second, pre-setup enables the electrician to quickly put fixtures in the correct physical zones…even if the fixture was installed in the wrong location. 
  • Remote Commissioning. Choosing the Remote Commissioning service option with an order avoids expensive travel costs and enables remotely located technicians to assist with commissioning. By becoming qualified on the Avi-on Digital Toolbox for both remote commissioning and diagnostics, partners can close-out more projects with fewer man-hours.
  • Remote Diagnostics. Some projects need external support: they are either complex, fixtures and devices are in unexpected places, or there is something unique about the site that the local installers cannot quite resolve. In any case, when an Avi-on Remote Access Bridge is installed after the first few devices are powered, installers can consult with remote Avi-on Technicians for an advanced mesh diagnostics scan and quickly complete configurations and set-up. (Soon the Remote Access Bridge software will be built into every Avi-on Mobile App, allowing any smartphone to be used as a connection point between an installer and the project site.)