Can I access my Avi-on network from anywhere in the world?

Avi-on is built on a new technology called Bluetooth Smart Mesh: schedules and programs live on the devices, and the Internet is optional. 

Avi-on is a distributed architecture where the schedules and programs live on the devices. That means that once you have programmed a switch with sunrise/sunset, groups or other functionality, they work 24/7–without access to the Internet or your smartphone. You can see a diagram of distributed architecture in this FAQ about Bluetooth Smart + Mesh, Avi-on’s underlying technology.

Because Avi-on is locally controlled using your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth radio, schedules and programs can only be accessed when you are in range of your Avi-on devices.

If you would like to access your devices anytime, anywhere, you can get an Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB).  The RAB connects your local bluetooth network to Avi-on cloud services using your wifi router.  The RAB adds a bunch of cool capabilities including:

  • Remote device control — turn on and off your devices from anywhere
  • Automatically re-synch your clocks in the event of a power outage
  • Create and set up groups, schedules, etc. from anywhere
  • Creates cloud connectivity to enable cool things like Amazon Alexa support.  More coming soon!

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