Configure a
RAB's WiFi

How to Configure a RAB's WiFi using its Access Point

This article will provide the steps required to configure the RABʼs WiFi using its access point feature.


  1. Claim the RAB to account. Ensure that the RAB is running a 2.4.X version or greater.

  2. Once claimed, press the button on the RAB for 3 seconds. If done correctly, the Green LED on the RAB will flash quickly.

  3. Wait ~30 seconds, until the Green LED begins to flash slowly. This means the RAB is in access point mode.
  4. Connect to the RAB via WiFi from your computer or mobile device. It will be broadcasting with an SSID of “avion-rab-ap”.
  1. Once connected, navigate to the settings page of the RAB by navigating to “” or, if it has an Ethernet wire connected and there is a local IP collision, ““ in your machine’s internet browser (Chrome or Safari is recommended).

  2. Login to the Admin page using “admin” for both the username and password.
  1. After logging in, for security reasons, you must change the administrative password for the RAB. Provide a 12 digit password, including a number, to continue.
  1. Navigate to the “Internet Settings” tab to start configuring your RAB.
  1. Using the Network dropdown menu, select the WiFi SSID (Service Set Identifier) that is desired.
  1. Enter the correct password for the selected WiFi network.
  1. Select the WiFi Security Protocol that the desired network is using.
  1. Select “Save Changes”.
  2. The RAB will now attempt to connect to the WiFi network that was selected. This process can take up to 1 minute. You can determine if the connection was successful by observing the Green LED on the RAB. If the LED begins to flash in sets of 2, this means that the configuration process was unsuccessful (possibly due to an incorrect password). If the LED changes to constantly illuminated, this means that the configuration process was successful.


RAB Access Point Configuration