Light bulb

Light bulb flickers at low dimming levels

The Avi-on dimmers have been carefully tuned to work with the vast majority of quality LED and incandescent bulbs.  

  • Compact florescent bulbs may not dim well, and dimming may reduce their life significantly.
  • LED bulb manufacturers make lower cost bulbs (under $15) by making cheaper circuits that do not dim well, have flicker, and do not last as long.  If you have a poor experience with dimming, we suggest you return the bulb and try a better quality one. You can test this by installing the bulb in an ordinary dimmer switch.  
  • Halogen bulbs are usually not specifically designed for dimming capabilities. You will have to check with the manufacturer to see if your halogen bulbs are dimming capable. 
  • Incandescent bulbs are dimmed by reducing the amount of electricity being sent to the bulb. At lower levels, this will cause the bulb to flicker. 

You will generally find the Avi-on switch performs equal to or better than regular dimmers.  There are also some strange circumstances where installing 3 or more bulbs of a certain type on one switch can cause them to flicker, even if one or two work ok. That is also the consequence of poor quality LED bulbs.