Reset my password

Reset or Change Your Password

In order to reset your password, you need take the following steps.

  1. Be near your Avi-on compatible devices so that the phone can form a “bridge” to your devices (that means that if the devices are at home, you need to be at home)
  2. Make sure that your devices are powered
  3. Logout of the app on your phone or tablet
  4. Launch the app and press the “forgot password” button
  5. Immediately, go your your email and click the link 
  6. Login to the app using your new password

Link expired? For your security, we have a time limit on the link. Start over at the beginning. Make sure to wait long enough for the “fresh email” to land in your inbox. Using an old email will give you the “expired” message again.

Here are some screenshots to guide you.

1)  Press the “forgot password” button on the login screen of your app

or click on this link from any web browser:

2)  Enter the email you used to set up your account on the app.

You will be taken to this screen.

This screen will send you a customized password reset email that is only valid for a short period of time.  The email will go to the account you entered if it is a valid email address.

Please note, if you did not use a “real” email to set up your account there is no way for us to reach you with this information.  If you do not see it, please check your Spam folder.

3)  Go to the email and click the link.  You will see this:

Password Reset Instructions


Someone asked to reset the password on your Avi-on account. If that was you, please click this link to reset your password.

  • For security reasons, the link in this email is only valid for a short time. If it expires, just request another email by tapping “Forgot Password” on the app or going to:
  • If you have multiple password reset emails, be sure you click the link in the most recent email. Older links will have expired. Some programs make it a bit difficult to tell at a glance which is the most recent, so check the date/time carefully.
  • If the link above does not work for you, you can also get to the reset screen by copying this link into your web browser:

4)  Enter your new password:

That’s it!

Then go back to the app and log in with your account email and the new password.