vs Device

What is a “controller” vs a “device”?

Controllers and devices serve very different purposes in an Avi-on network.

Controllers are switches or sensors that tell other things to change state, like turning on and off.

  • The Avi-on Movable Switch is a controller, because it determines the status of other devices in the network.
  • Avi-on compatible sensors are controllers that determine whether a network responds to motion or changes in light.

Devices are things like lights that are turned on and off by controllers.

  • Devices have memories where schedules and configurations like names, groups, schedules, and scenes are stored.

The Remote Access Bridge (RAB) converts bluetooth signals from devices and controllers to wi-fi signals accessible by a wi-fi router, there by acting as a BRIDGE between the Avi-on network and the Avi-on cloud.

Mobile handsets (iOS or Android phones and tablets) are a multi-purpose mechanism for programming and operating the network.

  • Mobiles can send on/off commands like controllers.
  • The wi-fi radio in mobiles can act as the BRIDGE to the cloud, enabling users to customize the names, groups, schedules, and scenes for devices; as well as ASSOCIATE controllers with other devices.

The Avi-on Cloud is a multi-purpose utility. Here are just a few.

  • Instant back-up. Stores device settings and network configurations.
  • Many-to-many controls. Enables many users to control many devices through a single ACCOUNT.
  • Self-service support. Use your mobile app credentials to login at to see your account, capabilities, change your password, and change your username.
  • Provide a full-scale source of support for manufacturers and installers.