Alexa Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: Alexa/Avi-on integration requires the use of of an Avi-on Remote Access Bridge which can be purchased at

Once you have set up your Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (How to Set Up your RAB), then connect to any Alexa compatible device including Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, and many others.

General Tips to Improve your Alexa Experience:

  • Use names that are easy to remember and fairly short and unique:
  • Good:  “Kitchen Lights”
  • Not so Good:  “Downstairs Kitchen ceiling light on the left side front”
  • Try to avoid re-using the same word at the beginning for many devices.  This may lead Alexa to ask you to clarify which device you meant to request every time.
  • Good: Kitchen Lights, Pantry Lights, Sink Lights
  • Not so Good: Kitchen Lights, Kitchen Pantry Lights, Kitchen Sink Lights
  • Set up groups and scenes within your Avi-on account to create larger categories of lights so you have fewer shorter names to remember. The following FAQ link explains how to create a new group: How to Create a New Group.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does any version of the Avi-on App work with Alexa?

A: No. Ensure that Avi-on app (v1.5.0 or later) is downloaded to your phone/tablet. You may download the latest versions of the app in the IOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

Q: Why do I need an Avi-on RAB to control Alexa?

A: The Avi-on RAB is required to enable communication between the Avi-on and Alexa accounts. Without the RAB added to your Avi-on account, Alexa will be unable to communicate with your Avi-on devices. Your Avi-on devices are controlled via Bluetooth Low Energy. The RAB acts as a Wi-Fi to Bluetooth “translator”, with which your devices need to enable communication with Alexa.

Q: What does it mean if Alexa says, “that device is not available right now, please check your connection”, or if my lights are not responding?

A: This indicates that there is an issue with your Avi-on RAB Wi-Fi connection. Verify that the blue and green lights on your RAB are on and they are not blinking:

  • If the blue light is flashing in sets of two, this means that your RAB has not been added to your Avi-on account. Before continuing, add the RAB to your account and configure the Wi-Fi to your router.
  • If the green is flashing in sets of two, then your router connection has not been set up or your router is offline. Verify your router is working and connected to the internet.  
  • If the router is working, then go to the Avi-on app and reconfigure your Wi-Fi connection.
  • If the green light is flashing once, it means the RAB is set up correctly, but there is no internet connectivity to the Avi-on server.  Check your router’s internet connection.
  • You can press the button on the RAB once to refresh the router connection.
  • CHECK HERE for more detail on how to troubleshoot your RAB connection

Q: How do I control Avi-on dimmable devices using Alexa?

A: Here are a few Alexa commands and their expected actions that may be used on any Avi-on dimmable device:

  • “Alexa, set <name of dimmable device> to <1-100> percent” – this will set the desired dimmable device to the specified percent value between zero and one hundred.
  • “Alexa, brighten <name of dimmable device>” – this will increase the brightness level of the desired dimmable device to a value 25% higher than the previous one.
  • “Alexa, dim <name of dimmable device>” – this will decrease the brightness level of the desired dimmable device to a value 25% lower than the previous one.

Note: These same commands can also be executed in groups that contain Avi-on dimmable devices. Non-dimmable devices, groups and scenes will not respond to these commands.

Q: Are all of my Avi-on devices compatible with Alexa?

A: Yes. All Avi-on devices can be controlled through the use of Alexa.

Q: If I change the names of my devices within the Avi-on app, will Alexa recognize these changes?

A: Yes. Any changes made within the Avi-on app will be automatically updated to Amazon within 1 hour. You can speed up this process by “re-discovering” your devices in the “Smart Home” window of the Alexa App. This will sync your devices within 20 seconds.

Q: Is there a way to limit who can control my Avi-on devices using Alexa?

A: No. Anyone who says Alexa’s name, and then issues a proper command, will be able to control your Avi-on devices. Alexa’s voice recognition system will, over time, better recognize your voice and remember your specific commands, which will improve your user experience.

Q: Is there a way to disable Amazon Alexa control of my Avi-on devices after it has been set up?

A: Yes, absolutely. You may disable Alexa control all together by navigating to the Smart Home page within your Alexa account. Next to the Avi-on Smart Home skill will be an option to “disable” the skill. You can also “forget” specific Avi-on devices that have already been discovered. To do so, navigate to the same Smart Home page within the Alexa app, and you will find a section that lists all of your discovered devices. Simply select the “forget” option next to the specific device that you wish to un-pair. This can be done with groups and scenes as well.

Q: Why doesn’t the blue light on my Alexa device turn on when I speak to Alexa?

A: Your Alexa device may not be plugged in or configured correctly. Check the Wi-Fi configuration on your Alexa device, re-configuration may be necessary. Please visit the Amazon Alexa support page for more information.

Q: Alexa just responded that it is not connected, what do I do?

A: Check your Wi-Fi router to ensure you have an internet connection. You may need to reconfigure your Alexa device to your Wi-Fi router from within the Alexa App.

Q: I have one (1) Avi-on device, can I use it with Alexa?

A: The number of Avi-on devices you have will not affect Alexa functionality. However, you MUST have a Remote Access Bridge (RAB) in order to use Alexa. Remember to give each device a distinct name within the Avi-on app in order to control them easily using Alexa voice control. If you have not already done so, the Avi-on Remote Access Bridge may be purchased online through the website.