flashing light

What does the flashing light on the Avi-on Movable Switch mean?

When you press the small button at the bottom of the Avi-on Movable Switch, also known as the Wake Button, the Red LED at the top of the switch will flash in a certain sequence to help you determine what the state the switch is currently in. Here is a quick guide to what the sequences mean, and what to do next for each:

Flashes in sets of two, for about 30 seconds – The light will flash ON twice, pause, and repeat for 30 seconds. This means the switch is in factory settings, and is ready to be set up. Here is a more detailed article about how to set up the Avi-on Movable Switch.

Flashes ON for 1 second when the slider is touched – This also means the switch is in factory settings and ready to be set up. To set up the switch, check out the article linked above.

Stays ON for 3 seconds when the Wake Button is touched – This means the switch is ready to communicate with the app, and be associated to an Avi-on device or an Avi-on group. The next steps are:

  1. At the main dashboard screen with a list of all of your devices, select the menu in the top left part of the screen
  2. Select Controllers
  3. Select your Avi-on Moveable Switch
  4. Re-associate your switch to the device, or your newly created group (if you set up your group to control both of your other switches or LEDs, you can assign the switch to control this group)
  5. Press ‘Save’
  6. Press the button on the switch to confirm it has been changed, as shown on the app screen.

If you need more guidance on how to do this, check out the FAQ about removing and changing the switch.

Flashes ON, OFF, ON only once when the slider is touched – This indicates the batteries are low, and should be replaced soon.

Blinks 4-5 times when the slider is touched – The batteries are exhausted, and the switch may not operate effectively. Replace the batteries to get the switch working again.

Stays ON, even when the switch is not being touched – Sometimes due to high or low temperature and/or high humidity, the switch will have trouble connecting to other devices; this may also occur in other cases. In order to fix this problem, all you have to do is remove the batteries, and then re-install them.

Firmware Updates

When doing an firmware update to the device through your app, there are a few more LED sequences which you may see. These are typical, and the app should walk you through what it is doing during this process.

Flashes ON, OFF, ON only once when the Wake Button is pressed – The switch has entered firmware update mode, and is ready to receive the update. Follow the instructions on the app to proceed.

Flashes intermittently – This indicates the device is receiving the firmware update.